Sticky: Spa of Ljig

Surrounded by the woody slopes of the Mounts of Rajac (848 m) and Rudnik (1132 m), Ljig – proclaimed as small town in 1922 -is situated by the picturesque valley of the river of the same name, the right-hand tributary of the Kolubara.
This small town is at the border of Sumadia region and the Kolubara, at the altitude of 152 m, near the busy Ibar motorway, about 70 km south-west of Belgrade and 80 km away from Cacak..


The Spa of Ljig – named after the river which divides it into two parts -located in the town itself – right beside the Ibar motorway, has attracted increasing number of visitors in the last years. Its thermo-mineral waters (32.7° – 55 °C) are exploited from several springs. The waters of Ljig Spa are used by bathing and drinking and mud-bathing, with the mud brought from the Spa of Bujanovac.
With the construction and up-to-date equipping of its physio-therapeutic centre, the town of Ljig also becomes a known medical centre where, under the supervision of medical experts, complete spa treatment is conducted: hydrotherapy (bathing in pools and drinking of the water), as well as electric, magnetic and kinesis therapies, heat procedures, massage… while there is also acupuncture as an alternative therapy. For the patients and guests visiting this Spa for the purpose of recreation, an olympic-sized outdoor pool with mineral water is available, as well as a 2 km long trim and hiking track. The whole Spa complex is situated by the nicely landscaped and cultivated park, embellished with more than a thousand flowers of many colours of the flower queen – the rose!
During the stay in the Spa, time can be filled with other various programmes. Within and around Ljig, there are many monuments from the old and new history of Serbian people, while the beauty of the unspoilt nature attracts attention of most of the visitors. In the village of Slavkovica (7km), the remains of the Vavedenje (Presentation of he Holy Mother) Monastery have been restored, while the Monastery of Bogovadja is also in the vicinity, near one of the wells of the river Ljig; in the village of Ba, there are the remains of a church from the time of the Nemanjics…

Picnics can be made to Divcibare, the well known tourist and climatic resort in the Mounts of Maljen (1104 m) and Rajac. The forests in the hills around Ljig are attractive to hunters since they are rich with pheasants, quail, rabbit, dear and wild boar.

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